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Les Dissidents

Resolutely militant, and just a little bit of an anarchist, our “Dissidents” and “Païens” ranges express what we believe to be the very soul of Maison Ventenac, without any form of constraint, cultivating our finest plots of land in the most natural way possible, classifying our soils in order to better define them, selecting and creating our wines as we see fit. Here, there is no make-up, just delicate blends concocted in jars of 150 or 500 litres, and in casks of 2,000 litres. These wines are uncompromising, chiselled, precise and direct. An uppercut – but the good sort! One that wakes you up and tells you that not everything is standardised and uniform, but can be unique.

Vin "Les-dissidents-Paul"

_ Paul _

Les Dissidents

Cabernet Franc 100%
Jars 150 liters (50%) & casks 20 Hl
Soil : lake white limestone and clay
6254 ex. in 2015

in "Les-dissidents-Patience"

_ Patience _

Les Dissidents

Cabernet Franc 100%
Casks 20 Hl
Soil : deep clay and limestone
2522 ex. in 2015

Vin "Les-dissidents-Puritaine"

_ Puritaine _

Les Dissidents

Syrah 100%
Jars 539 liters
Soil : lake white limestone
About 2300 ex. in 2016

Vin "Les-dissidents-Candide"

_ Candide _

Les Dissidents

Chenin 100%
Casks 20 HL
Soil : lake white limestone
Available from Vintage 2017

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