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Château Ventenac

All Ventenac wines remain true to our philosophy, genuine showcase for our expertise with precision, elegance and the freshness of fruit.

Cuvée de Marie

_ Cuvée de Marie _

Domaine Ventenac

70% colombard, 30% chenin.

A wine with an explosive character, huge freshness and a tart flavour. Its lightly sparkling, lively nature immediately made us think of Marie, Carole’s twin sister. Fresh, carefree and unique, its flamboyant temperament will not fail to make an impact. We had no choice but to dedicate this wine to her!

Cuvée de Carole

_ Cuvée de Carole _

Domaine Ventenac

95% chardonnay, 5% gros manseng.

Carole is Marie’s twin sister, and thus the little sister of Stéphanie. She has given her name to this primarily Chardonnay wine to which we have added a touch of Gros Manseng. Why her? Because this mineral, upright wine perfectly reflects Carole’s character, a young lady with a rich personality who is legendary for her upright nature and acceptance of differences.

Cuvée Aure

_ Cuvée d’Aure _

Domaine Ventenac

70% cabernet sauvignon, 20% grenache, 10% syrah.

Aure is Stéphanie’s young niece, a very gentle girl with an angelic face, and above all a true gourmet. Aure is an artist with a spirit that often wanders. She has just begun studying at a music academy on her favourite instrument, the violin. This rosé with its roundness, freshness, bright and airy fruit, and intense delicacy could be named after no-one but her.

Cuvée de Stéphanie

_ Cuvée de Stéphanie _

Domaine Ventenac

100% merlot.

Stéphanie is the eldest daughter of Alain Maurel, the creator of Maison Ventenac. Now at the head of the estate, Stéphanie is carrying on the family tradition while adding her own fresh, modern touch. This Merlot is therefore dedicated to her: although an ancient and sometimes austere variety, the Stéphanie Cuvee has achieved the feat of reinterpreting this all too well-known grape and giving it freshness, precision and an explosion of fruit.

Cuvée de Pierre

_ Cuvée de Pierre _

Domaine Ventenac

100% cabernet sauvignon.

Pierre was the grandfather of Olivier and the husband of Stéphanie, an honest and upright man. Tall and strong, he produced a long line of rugby players. It therefore seemed obvious that we should use his name for our Cabernet Sauvignon cuvee: this powerful, well-structured grape variety becomes more elegant over time.

Cuvée Eve

_ Cuvée d’Ève _

Domaine Ventenac

85% syrah, 15% grenache.

Eve is the mischievous member of the family! She has an athletic, lively and smart personality with a strong character. It was therefore only natural to pair Stéphanie’s niece – now a national field hockey champion – with the punch, gourmet liveliness, and fresh spices of this timelessly refined wine.

Cuvée de Diane

_ Cuvée Diane _

Château Ventenac

30% cabernet sauvignon, 20% Cabernet Franc, 20% grenache, 20% syrah, 10% malbec.

Diane, Stéphanie and Olivier’s niece, was born in 2013, the year this rosé was created. It was therefore only natural to dedicate this wine to her. We wanted the wine to be in her image: subtle and delicate. Time has gone by, Diane is growing up and her cuvée is getting better and better each year.

Cuvée Jeanne

_ Réserve de Jeanne _

Château Ventenac

50% cabernet franc, 30% syrah, 10% merlot, 10% grenache

Jeanne was the mother of Alain Maurel, the founder of Maison Ventenac, and thus Stéphanie’s paternal grandmother. The Réserve de Jeanne was the cuvee on which Maison Ventenac’s reputation was built, so it was natural that it should bear her name. This lady had huge strength of character: having lived her entire life among strong male personalities, she always imposed her convictions with shrewdness and elegance. This wine, built on finesse and lightness, makes us think of her as it has been able to carve out a position among Languedoc production oriented more towards power and concentration.

Grande Réserve Georges

_ Grande Réserve de Georges _

Château Ventenac

50% cabernet sauvignon, 40% syrah, 10% merlot.

Georges was the father of Alain Maurel and thus Stéphanie’s paternal grandfather. From 1973 onwards he lent a hand to help his son create the family estate. He was a big man, both in personality and in physique, so it was quite clear that his should be the name we used for this amply structured wine. It was made as a wine for laying down whilst also retaining a beautiful freshness and wonderful balance, a style dear to us.

Mas Ventenac

_ Mas Ventenac _


Blend of cabernet franc, syrah, merlot – variable percentages according to the vintage.

A precise wine with notes of black fruits. On the palate, aromas of graphite, menthol and black fruits (typical of its terroir and its minerality), enhanced by melted oaked notes. Supple and elegant tannins, silky palate. A fresh and long finish. A great wine from Languedoc, both rich and distinctive.

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